Astrological Services


The Preliminary clarifies long term aims and goals and is done on horoscope wheels.

The Projection is time oriented and is done on simple linear graphs. The graph has 12 vertical columns, each about one inch wide, each represents a month of a projected year, which can start and end at any points in time.

In the Projection we bring the birth planets up to current position and indicate their movement over the year with a red marker on copies of your horoscope wheels. Astrological connections occurring , such as planet from house to house, planets from sign to sign or planets creating a unique connections to another planet, called aspects are all transferred to the graph so you can see in a time relevant way when certain energies are phasing in, peaking and phasing out monthly, weekly and even daily.

In time, these potential changes translate out as the circumstances we see and account for in our daily lives.

It is helpful to have your long term aims and goals clear (Preliminary Analysis) before doing this analysis.

Cost Includes:

* 3 hours to construct 4 graphs.

* 1 to 2 hours of recorded consulting time on CD's. * Reasonable consulting time over the course of the year at no additional cost as questions arise about circumstances or events in your life.


A United States map showing states and major cities on which your astrological chart has been overlaid. We color code the vertical and hexagonal aspects lines in green and red to show energetic positive and negative areas throughout the US.

A good chart to find where to vacation, look for a new job or career opportunities or restructure relationships.

These charts can be set up for:

1. US, Canada and Mexico

2. South America

3. Europe

4. Asia and Southeast Asia

5. China, Russia

6. Australia and New Zealand

7. Egypt/Africa

*Cost depends on:

1. Whether you have your natal wheel.

2. Your current understanding of astrology.

3. Map only $25.00.

4. Map with color coding $40.00.

5. Color coding and explanation on CD $75.00.

6. Color coded, explanation on CD, including natal wheel $95.00.

Cost is $250.00 pulse postage if mailed.


This type of charts can be set for:

*Romantic Potential

* Business

* Family Connections

*Karmic or Past Life Connections

These are called the "5 Step Process" charts.

They help to define the potential physical, emotional, psychological and possibly spiritual connections between two or more individuals and suggest potential compatibility or conflict between the individuals.

Graphics include about 1 hour of preparation time and about 45 minutes of recorded consulting time.

Both natal or birth charts are required.


$75.00 with already constructed 360 natal charts plus postage if mailed.

$120.00 if both natal wheel have to be constructed, plus postage if mailed.


Every state and many cities have astrological charts which represents the energetics of the locality. By inserting the city or state planetary positions in ones natal chart we can define, by looking at the house positions and aspects, the influence of the city or state on your personal life.

The aspect lines, drawn in red and green on the wheel, clearly show visually a city or state's support or detrimental values in your life.


* 1st Synastry chart includes: recording onto flash drive of introductory materials $45.00.

* Each additional city or state $25.00. Plus postage if mailed.

To do a city or state energetic chart we need a 360 degree natal chart of the persons being analyzed.